Dear Northside

To the students of Northside College Preparatory High School.

Dear Northside Students,

I have been incredibly fortunate to serve as this year’s webmaster and Student Technology Coordinator of Northside College Prep. Being able to learn alongside and even learn from some of you has shown me just how special the student body here is. I have had the pleasure of being on the swim team, robotics team, as well as a number of clubs throughout my four years here. I saw just how talented the student body is, whether it be artists, debaters, musicians, divers or runners. I have gained unparalleled knowledge from working here, having been able to create and manage a few of the innovations and improvements for the school. While my time at Northside has consisted of many sleepless nights and times of great stress, the work I have contributed has been incredibly rewarding. I should also mention it has been incredibly fun.

Nonetheless, there are times in life when it is best to move on and accept new challenges for one’s personal and professional growth. Moreover, there are times in life when we need to find ways to share our gifts with more of the wider world. In this spirit, I am stepping down as Student Technology Coordinator of Northside as of today. I am looking forward to my time at the Illinois Institute of Technology where I will be majoring in Information Technology and Management, and will continue to utilize the web in improving education and student life. I leave Northside with many happy memories, many true friends, and a profound sense of gratitude.

I have worked with Mrs. Andrews, Mr. Alcozer, Student Council, and the Computer Science department to provide a smooth transition and to ensure the continued sustainability and success of Northside technology.

Thank you and GO MUSTANGS!


Eric Tendian, Class of 2013

Student Technology Coordinator


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