Ivory Tower: Is college worth the cost?

Looking at TechCrunch and other successful entrepreneurs, I ask myself: “Why go to high school?” “Why go to college?”

“If I’m learning something i will never use, why learn it?”

Today I watched a documentary called Ivory Tower (recommended by one of my professors), addressing these very questions. Is education worth all the cost? This documentary really hit home for me, so I wrote up a tweetstorm about my thoughts and observations on the topic. That tweetstorm is as follows:

  1. Student loans have become insane. Schools give more financial aid, but doesn’t solve the problem of tuition rising. #IvoryTower
  2. This extreme cost of higher education makes people rightfully question the worth of going to college. #IvoryTower
  3. In Silicon Valley, some think they can use economies of scale to do more with less, while making a profit (MOOCs). #IvoryTower
  4. I’ve tried some of these MOOCs; it is very difficult to stay motivated when nobody to watch you, hold you accountable. #IvoryTower
  5. The statistics show that person-to-person contact cannot be replaced. There is no “silver bullet” for education. #IvoryTower
  6. I’m interested in the split-classroom format, where students watch MOOC lectures outside, get help from prof inside. #IvoryTower
  7. But just because “rockstar” professors are lecturing, doesn’t mean every student will grasp material - many different learning styles.
  8. Reform in #education, both at K-12 and postsecondary levels, is desperately needed. I wish politics didn’t get in the way. #IvoryTower
  9. Class on a computer screen doesn’t give students “soft skills” employers consistently demand. But in-person is $$$. #IvoryTower
  10. There should be more debate on what an #education should provide, both for a #career and throughout life. #IvoryTower
  11. Personally, I hate school but love learning. I’m in college to meet people, get diverse perspectives. #IvoryTower
  12. I considered not going to college in HS, also throught abt dropping out a few times in 2yrs at @illinoistech. #IvoryTower
  13. Still unsure. My final word to institutions: use the critical thinking skills you so often talk about to find innovative solutions.

Tomorrow I will be at Illinois Institute of Technology’s IPRO Day (a bit like an innovation fair) where I will show off my group’s work this past semester addressing an issue I find quite in need of a solution: the skills gap for those students looking to get their first internship. We’ve developed a comprehensive program to help students develop the top skills employers demand (mostly interpersonal skills) and are excited about giving students access to this program. You can reach out personally if you’d like to learn more.

On the topic of education, an underclassmen from my high school asked me to explain what the impact of high school as well as college was, and if one really needs to go for each (similar to the opening questions at the top of this post).

To answer that question, I had a couple points to make (written about a year ago):

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